Chopped strand - 600g

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Chopped strand - 600g

Chopped strand - 600g Chopped Strand Mat, a powerhouse of fiberglass reinforcement designed to enhance your projects with unparalleled strength and reliability. This 600g Fibre Rolls variant proves indispensable for professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering a versatile solution for various applications.

Chopped strand - 600g Versatility at its Core: Our 600g Fibre Rolls, with their non-directional random strand reinforcement, provide equal strength across all plains. This versatility makes them an ideal choice for an array of applications such as moulding, mould making, boat building and repairs, roofing, pond lining, and more.Fibreglass matting CSM

Chopped strand - 600g Key Features:

  1. Top-Quality Marine Grade Mat: Fashioned from 'E' grade glass strands, our chopped strand mat ensures durability and longevity, especially in demanding marine environments. This top-tier mat is engineered to withstand the challenges posed by various applications.
  2. Fast Dissolve Binder for Easy Wet Out: What sets our Fibre Rolls apart is the inclusion of a fast-dissolve binder. This feature facilitates easy wet out, streamlining the application process and ensuring seamless integration with resins for optimal results.
  3. Efficient Dry Handling with Minimal Fibre Loss: Boasting excellent dry handling characteristics, our Fibre Rolls minimize fiber loss during application. This not only ensures a cleaner working environment but also maximizes the efficiency of your laminations.
  4. Rigidity and Stability Across GRP Laminations: Specifically tailored for GRP laminations requiring superior rigidity and stability, our Fibre Rolls provide the structural support needed for a diverse range of projects. Whether engaged in boat construction, roofing, or other applications, our product delivers outstanding performance.

Elevate your craftsmanship with our Fibre Rolls - 600g Versatile Chopped Strand Mat, a fusion of innovation, quality, and reliability, perfectly suited to meet the demands of your most challenging projects.