Liquid Roofing Primer

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Liquid Roofing Primer

Full coverage guide can be seen in the evergreen hybrid brochure: Smooth surfaces covers approx 25m2 / 5kg Green Roof Hybrid Flexi-Primer 5kg 

Hardener Required Catalyst Coverage: refer to coverage guide page 16

(1kg mixes 40kg of EverGreen Hybrid Flexi- Liquid Roof Membrane)

(1kg mixes 40kg of EverGreen Hybrid Flexi- Liquid Roof Primer)

Evergreen Hybrid Membrane Primer is an advanced surface primer and adhesion enhancer, specially formulated for overlaying existing roofing substrates or applying to new surfaces where primer is recommended. Engineered for swift and effortless application, it ensures optimal bonding—a crucial factor, particularly when guarantees are a prerequisite.

The Evergreen Hybrid Membrane Primer utilises a cutting-edge hybrid membrane technology in conjunction with a versatile curing process. This process involves the use of Evergreen Hybrid Catalyst, ensuring compatibility with the Evergreen Flexi-GRP system. This adaptable catalyst system can be tailored to accommodate varying temperatures and weather conditions, guaranteeing a consistent working time and reliable curing.

It is essential to use Evergreen Catalysts as part of the complete Evergreen system, available in both standard and winter grades. For comprehensive details on utilizing the Evergreen system and its associated products, please consult the installer's guide. Elevate your roofing projects with the performance and reliability of Evergreen Hybrid Membrane Primer

Liquid Roofing Primerr: Universal Primer Guidelines

Note: Prior to initiating any work, it is imperative to thoroughly review the complete installer's guide to ensure optimal installation outcomes. The following information provides a general overview of product understanding and applications.

  • GRP: Not necessary if the preparation guide is strictly adhered to. Refer to our installer guide for details.
  • Felt: Required.
  • Asphalt: Required.
  • Concrete, Brickwork & Screed: Required.
  • Metals: Required and exhibits strong adhesion to lead. For other metals, consider using G40 primer/sealer.
  • OSB3: Recommended; ensure OSB3 is clean and dry. If OSB3 has been laid for an extended period before applying EverGreen Hybrid Flexi Membrane, it is highly advisable to use the primer for optimal results.
  • Fleece-backed PIR foam: Required.

If a substrate is not listed, and you wish to purchase a test kit before use, please inquire.

The recommended working temperature is between +10 to +25°C. Consult the catalyst addition chart in the installation guide for a comprehensive range of working temperatures. Elevate your project's success with these universal primer guidelines.