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EverGreen Hybrid

Technical & Safety Data Sheets

  • Superior weather and crack resistance


  • High performance flexible GRP

    Overlay Membrane

  • Medium viscosity for easy application

    Easy Application

  • LSE (Low Styrene Emission system)

    Reduced emissions

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  •  CREDIT: RG Leverett Ltd


  • CREDIT: Quay Windows

  • CREDIT: Green Roof Company

Highlighted Key Features

Hybrid Flexi- Membrane

High Performance Flexible waterproof membrane, Green Roofs featuring vegetation, excel at insulation, effectively reducing both heating and cooling demands, while also serving as natural filters for air pollutants.

LSE (Low Styrene Emission system) – Reduced emissions and smell.
Green in colour
  • Exceptional bond strength to a range of substrates*

    Superior weather and crack resistance

    Experience unmatched durability with superior weather and crack resistance, ensuring longevity and resilience in diverse environmental conditions.

Liquid Roof Membrane 20kg EverGreen Hybrid

Composite Roof Supplies SKU: EG-MS-20KG
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Key Componants

Multi Prime

Multi-Prime is a high-performance surface primer and adhesion promotor, designed for use when overlaying existing roofing substrates or on new surfaces where primer is recommended * Designed for easy and quick application and ensuring the best bond is achieved and is critical in some instances where the Guarantee's are required **

High performance multi surface primer
Exceptional bond strength to a range of substrates and EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Membrane
  • Avoid Tear Off Costs

    Download the EverGreen Hybrid Brochure

    EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Membrane is a liquid applied membrane, Avoid TearOff expenses with an overlay system. Low cost can be tempting! Is it worth the long term expense?
EverGreen Hybrid Flexi-Primer for flat roofs