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What is EverGreen Hybrid membrane GRP

Unveiling the Future of Roofing: The EverGreen Hybrid Membrane Flexi-GRP


Green Composites: A trailblazer in advanced liquid roof coatings and GRP waterproofing systems.

Latest Innovation: EverGreen Hybrid Membrane Flexi-GRP - The preferred choice for contractors, specifiers, and consumers.

Why EverGreen Hybrid Membrane Flexi-GRP?

  • Strategic Design: Tailored for liquid roofing applicators.
  • Installation Efficiency: Expedites the installation process.
  • Flexible GRP Membrane: Waterproofs new and existing flat roofs without deck replacement.

EverGreen Hybrid Membrane Overview:

  • Liquid System: Boasts a flexible GRP membrane.
  • Adheres to Existing Structures: Eliminates the need for deck stripping.
  • Sustainability: Contributes to a more sustainable roofing solution.

EverGreen Hybrid Membrane Product Range:

  • Comprehensive Offerings: Application tools, accessories, roofing trims.
  • Catering to Diverse Needs: Ensures flexibility and customisation for various projects.

Fire Safety Certification: Please contact us for more details

  • Highest Fire Rating: Certification onto OSB3.
  • BS.476 Part 3 - F.A.A. Certification: Confident use on any property.
  • Exceeds Building Regulations: Especially for fire protection on flat roofs.

Installation Guides and Support:

  • Comprehensive Resources: Covering surface preparation, overlay techniques, OSB3 installation, catalyst addition, application, and consumption guides.
  • Smooth Navigation: Helps contractors confidently navigate the installation process.

Continued Support and Guarantees:

  • Ongoing Support: Full technical support for products and installation processes.
  • Range of Guarantees: Tailored to diverse needs of professionals and customers.


  • Significant Advancement: EverGreen Hybrid Membrane Flexi-GRP marks a milestone in roofing.
  • Standout Features: Innovative design, flexibility, and commitment to fire safety.
  • Promise of Excellence: Comprehensive guides, ongoing support, and varied guarantees redefine roofing solutions.
what is evergreen hybrid grp

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